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Thomas R. Painter

Thomas R. Painter has been a lifelong entrepreneur and compassionate capitalist.  Tom is a successful lecturer and entrepreneur and the founder of Money Made Easy.  He spends much of his time and resources raising funds for, charities and philanthropic ventures.   
He is very passionate about teaching children, teens and adults the fundamentals of how money works and the importance of saving for retirement.   He has developed his very successful Money Made Easy program for all ages and developed the website Money Made Easy to teach people what they need to do in order to retire millionaires.
In addition to developing his own “multiple streams of income,” Tom has been teaching students for over 30 years the principles and strategies of multiple streams of income.  He continues to instruct and inspire others on their path to wealth.  He teaches entrepreneurs how to make money in real estate, the stock market,  the internet and how to create a small business.